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Why organize a private event with Boxxing?

The Ultimate Team-Building Experience!

Looking for a unique team-building activity? Planning the ultimate bachelorette party or a private group class for your birthday?

Look no further.  Boxxing Studio, located in the heart ofMontreal near McGill metro, blends powerful workouts with team spirit.

Why Boxxing Studio?

  • Downtown Convenience: Nestled in the heart of Montreal, we’re just a few
    steps from McGill metro. A small walk from most offices!
  • Team Bonding Like Never Before: Encourage collaboration, team spirit, and
    fun all in one session.
  • Physical & Mental Boost: A perfect way to break the monotony, our
    sessions help rejuvenate the mind and body.

Boxxing Studio Signature Touch

  • Energetic Sessions: 45 minutes of boxing and bodyweight workouts set to
    motivating music beats.
  • For Everyone: Never boxed before? No worries! We cater to all levels, from
    first timers to experienced boxers.
  • Expert Guidance: Our trainers are here not just to instruct, but to inspire.

Private Group Exclusive Offer:

  • Exclusive Booking: Host up to 38 team people. The studio is all yours!
  • Fully Equipped: From gloves, towels, lockers, to luxurious shower amenities,
    we’ve got you covered.
  • The studio just for you! Your instructor, your playlist, your own team
    bonding experience.

To Book your Private Group class and get more information about pricing, contact us today!

(438) 940-2285
680 Sainte-catherine west, 2nd floor