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  • Rockband singer!
  • Boxer for 15 years
  • Lover of life and family

Who the hell is Brent?

Brent is a Australian boxer that speaks fluent "quebecois"! He is focused and believes that we can all achieve anything! His music career started early was told he needed to work instead of pursuing his dreams of becoming a rockstar! This only made him more driven to achieve his own was the same with Boxing, extremely over weight but determined to learn and get fit, he walked into a boxing gym not knowing what to expect. His first session included 2 black eyes and a bloody nose!! He was hooked. Day after day in the gym learning, getting stronger, fitter to be the best version of himself.  This is the passion and energy he shares in every single classes he gives. Get ready for a hell of a ride and hear him say: ARE YOU WITH ME!???

Brent's walk up songs: